Commercial terrain sur rabat

24/11/2022 Casablanca
About Yassir
Yassir is the leading super App for on demand, ride-hailing, last-mile delivery, payment services and more, set to change the way daily services are provided. It currently operates in 45 cities across multiple countries. It has raised $150 million in Series B funding, five times what it raised in its previous priced round last November with world class investors such as BOND and Y Combinator, which is the precursor of the likes of Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Doordash, among others. 
We're not just about serving people - we're about creating a marketplace to bring people what they need while infusing social values.

Main missions :
+Transmit the brand image of the company +Do prospecting +Go door to door to present the products +Develop sales and customer portfolio +Highlight the products +Know the market +Attract new customers and win contracts +Advise and make recommendations to clients +Make sure to maintain regular contact +Ensure the commercial and administrative follow-up of his sector +Be proactive

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