Financial controller - casablanca - Casablanca

Financial controller - casablanca

10/07/2019 Casablanca


Financial Controller - Casablanca
We are looking for a Financial Controller to join the team of Abalioglu Mining Morocco LLC:
Job Purpose:
- Take the responsibility for all financial and administrative areas of the company, to ensure best practices, cost control and compliance with local and group procedures.
Essential Functions:
- Check the regularity, sincerity and reliability of the financial accounts in relation to legislation and accounting standards;
- Develop tools to improve bookkeeping;
- Control company expenses and advise on financial management issues;
- Assist company management with administrative procedures;
- Advise on Moroccan HR policy and labor law;
- Formulate recommendations on company accounts and it financial situation;
- Manage and follow up of work relations with bank, public institutions, insurance companies...


Financial Controller - Casablanca
Requested profile
- Master degree, in finance/accounting is preferred.
- At least 2 years working experience, mining sector preferred.
- High communication skills (Fluent English & French).
- Good knowledge of Moroccan Accounting Standards.
- Ability of autonomy and flexibility
- Mastery of the Moroccan Mining law is a plus.


ABALIOGLU MINING MOROCCO est une filiale Marocaine du groupe Turc Abalioglu, un des plus puissants de l'économie Turque, opérant dans le...