House keeping manager (diplomatic residence manager) - Rabat, Skillz Recrutement

House keeping manager (diplomatic residence manager)

03/02/2020 Rabat Skillz Recrutement Menarajob


PDG or AMBASSY HOUSE KEEPING MANAGER experience Bac+2 English and French Fluent


The Residence Manager is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of Villa America and its staff. S/he coordinates with various elements within the Embassy in connection with official and non-official functions held at Villa and for maintenance of the property. S/he oversees the planning, budgeting, and acquisition of expendable supplies and food items needed for representational functions and general household management. S/he also arranges the spouse's schedule, makes appointments and acts as interpreter as needed. Staff/Operations: Acts as an intermediary between the official Residence employees (ORE) and the Sponsor in planning, organization and execution of official and non-official social functions at Villa a. Makes recommendations to the Sponsor concerning staff performance and conduct, including recommendations for improvements, discipline or special commendation. Meets regularly with the Sponsor to discuss operations. Establishes procedures and internal controls to ensure that expendable and representational supplies (including food, alcohol, flowers, decorations, cleaning supplies and office supplies) are properly ordered, received, paid for, inventoried and stored. Locates and recommends stores and brands which provide economy and best value for money and monitors purchases made by ORE staff members to ensure that recommendations are being followed. Coordinates with the Financial Management Section to arrange tax exemptions for Villa America purchases. Assists the butler with oversight of training of the ORE staff to ensure staff performance, good working relations and observance of proper form and manners, proper cleanliness of Villa America as well as maintenance and replacement of attire. Oversees handling of telephone messages by the staff to the family. Provides training to the staff, as needed, on correct telephone etiquette. Assists with interviewing prospective applicants for employment, coordinate with the Sponsor, the Embassy Human Resources Section, and the Health Unit. Liaises with the Ambassador's office, Protocol, Motor Pool, Regional Security Office, Community Liaison Office. Arranges for place cards, seating cards, and table menus for representational functions. Receives guests during representational events as required. Serves as Villa America coordinator between the General Services Office, Facilities Management Office supervisors, and gardeners to determine maintenance and replacement needs for functions at Villa America. Establishes and oversees ORE staff practices to ensure the safekeeping of valuables at Villa America. Drives occasionally for acquisition of ORE supplies and items, and in support of other official needs and requirements of the Villa America. Administration: Coordinates daily with the Sponsor (to include spouse) on his/her needs. Monitors and records ORE expenses and prepares monthly representational vouchers for the financial management section. Prepares a breakdown of expenses at the end of each month for the Sponsor's review. Ensures a proper inventory is maintained of table service and linens, commensurate with representational needs. Conducts annual inventories with the GSO staff. Monitors ORE staff time and attendance and ensures that leave schedules are consistent with the schedule and social calendar of the SPONSOR and of the Villa. Adjusts staff working hours to maintain a minimum of overtime. Hires and arranges payment for additional waiters and kitchen staff help, as needed. Maintains liaison with the GSO and Facilities Management Offices for all extraordinary maintenance, repair, new projects and cleaning requirements at Villa America and coordinates scheduling of work, as required. Writes GSO and Facilities Management work orders and supply requests. Periodically represents Villa America at GSO staff meetings. Gives advance notice to GSO in requesting additional manpower to move furnishings for special events. Upon identification of a safety hazard, notifies the appropriate office. Prepares and updates the telephone directory. Develops office forms and bookkeeping systems used in administering the business and operations of the Villa. Performs other duties as appropriate and necessary, if required by the Sponsor. These duties may occur in connection with the importance of the Villa as the principle Residence of the Sponsor. Job Types: Full-time, Contract


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